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Dating an introvert is the best move an extrovert could do. While independent introverts don't mind hanging back, extroverts enjoy being.

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  3. Why do exes downgrade??

I am going through the opposite right now, I downgraded my standards with my last boyfriend because I thought he seemed really nice, boy was I wrong. Now, my standards are even higher and I am having very good luck meeting hot guys who are interested. I didn't even know I could get guys this hot. I think when you broke up with her, it may have hurt her really badly and now she is in a rebound relationship with the first guy to come along or she doesn't believe she can do any better.

So she answered your question already. Don't feel bad, there is nothing you could have done, she has to figure this out on her own. But somepeople think she is a drama queen. Sadly there's no real knowledge for this, by saying down-grade you sound like you're putting yourself up on a pedestal of comparison. If you say she didn't want you to leave it sounds like you chose to end things from that, but that's just an assumption. Possibly he is a rebound because she doesn't want to feel alone but then again you don't know him either. Quite possibly he could be a very different person to how he appears.

He might be a nice guy.

But my ex dated guys like these before and all of them cheated on her. Not saying he will butttt. It's just a rebound. She wants someone who's going to comfort and pamper her in a rough time.

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What person will do that better then someone who has you but doesn't feel they deserve you Why do exes downgrade? Why do ex;s downgrade. I broke up with my ex and she is with someone else after a month. But this guy is totally different from me.

How do you feel when your ex downgrades?

He is fat, bald, dresses terribly. And I know has nothing to do with personality because my ex said I treated her very good and she didn't want me to leave her. So why did she downgrade?

Do you view loner as a red flag? Do you crave love?


If girls dislike masculine men or "toxic masculine men" why do they insist on putting the nice guys last? What Girls Said 2. What Guys Said 4. She doesn't think she deserves any better. Why are Beautiful Women Insecure? How I Maintain Independence: User Name Remember Me?

What should I tell her?

Share Share this post on Digg Del. I recently saw a pic on my ex's myspace too, and yea, this guy is a total loser and doesnt have anything on me. He doesnt even have a car, job, etc All I can do is laugh and it helps me move on. I read your other thread, you're doing a good job of seeming somewhat unaffected towards her. I'd suggest cutting out the emails, though I'm guilty of the same.

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The guy my ex is now dating is a downgrade. People I know that have ran into them, have called him "an Ogre" and one person said he looks like "Shrek.

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Plus, he's not into anything cool, he's the exact opposite of me. I think she did that on purpose. But that will backfire when she realizes that me and her had so much in common, and he has nothing. I know for a fact it's bothered her, because she actually tried complaing to me about it before we finally stopped talking.

She said she "wasn't that into him," it was "nothing epic," and "he likes me way more than I like him. Of course that just shows how messed up she is. Trying to complain to her ex about some new guy. I wrote these lines in a new song I wrote - which happens to be the one that every one really digs - "I've got a goal to conquer, you've got an Ogre monster. Especially since all the other songs are about how much I love and miss her. She is welcome to him and he to her. She has commited to him and he