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Russia in Africa: Soft power comes with hard edges.

Amid diplomatic niceties at the Russia-Africa summit in Sochi, Moscow has sent two of its nuclear-capable bombers to Waterkloof. Sport Luke Feltham Boks stuck in semi-final Catch The Boks have been unstoppable since their opening game but question marks persist.

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Analysis Richard Calland Political leadership is in a mess. Ironically enough, a potent drive for reform of the capitalist system will come from the private sector. Friday Theresa Mallinson Maimane resigns as DA MP. After stepping down as the leader of the DA, the party's former leader has now left parliament. Mandela Bay Development. Singapi Street receives an award commendation. Sebata Holdings.

Junk status: Where we're at. Rosebank College. A few observations which we addressed when we heard the startups pitch 5 minutes.

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All 12 startups were listened to and all given input to improve their pitch decks, their offerings and their pitching. Each had its own flaws which were spotted and corrected. The work was then left to the teams to complete their decks with one day to spare ahead of the pitch. Pitch day came and we had more than 40 employees of the bank in the room including a significant presentation of the very senior management. The Heads of Retail, Transformation, Corporate Strategy, Communications and Technology were present as well as senior manager from all other units and representation from the CEOs office.

You could tell that the bank took the pitch exercise seriously. They were smack in the middle of a rights issue , so very very busy time at the bank, yet these senior executive took more than 4 hours out of their day to listen to the pitches. The process was great as we could see the difference the Pitch Prep session had on the presentation of some of the startups. Their pitches were tighter and straight to the point. A lot of the questions from the bank staff mirrored what we had told the startups to expect.

Those startups that took our feedback to heart and reflected it in their pitches left the stage smiling. But even more the pitches created a positive image in the pitches created a positive image in the mind of the bank staff present that there was merit in working with startups to advance the corporate agenda. After the last pitch was done, the senior executives conferred to determine the startups they would work with.

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I was a part of that conversation. The conversation was really interesting as it reflected the priorities of the bank as well as the impression the startups had left. Remember, I said the aim was to pick 3 startups for the bank to work with. The first feedback was that the bank wanted to work with more than just the 3 startups now.

Having seen all 12 well drilled startups with such immense potential, they wanted to take their shot with more than just 3. Big WIN for the startup scene! We agreed to pick the top 3 startups around which engagement would be accelerated facilitated by CcHub. We also identified 7 additional startups with whom partnership conversations would be progressed.

So we came with 12 startups and potentially 10 were getting deals. Not bad as far as metrics go. The next steps was to make the connection between the startups and the relevant parts of the Union Bank business for integration to commence with CcHub as an independent arbiter ensuring progress is made. At the end of the day, the process and the emerging partnerships are providing WINS for everyone.

A WIN for the bank who can leverage the startups to provide a better service to its customers as a means of differentiation as well as to grow market share. A WIN for the startups who can rapidly grow their user base by tapping into the banks more than 3.

A WIN for the Nigerian tech ecosystem as this goes to prove we are building value-based businesses capable of engaging with large corporates to meet the needs of Nigerian customers in a profitable way. This is a first step to creating our own unicorns.

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A WIN for the Nigerian economy as the result of this collaboration is bigger businesses that can contribute to GDP and the tax base of Nigeria sustainably. Exits are one of banes of our tech ecosystem for potential investors. Various international organizations, including UNICEF, have campaigned for laws to ban arranged marriages of children, as well as forced marriages. Arranged marriages are a matter of debate and disagreements. Activists, such as Charlotte Bunch, suggest that marriages arranged by parents and other family members typically assume heterosexual preference and involve emotional pressure; this drives some individuals into marriages that they consent under duress.

In contrast, preventing arranged marriages may harm many individuals who want to get married and can benefit from parental participation in finding and selecting a mate. For example, Willoughby suggests [79] that arranged marriages work because they remove anxiety in process of finding the spouses. Parents, families and friends provide an independent perspective when they participate in learning and evaluating the other person, past history, behavior, as well as the couple's mutual compatibility. Willoughby further suggests that parents and family provide more than input in the screening and selection process; often, they provide financial support for the wedding, housing, emotional support and other valuable resources for the couple as they navigate past the wedding into married life, and help raise their children.

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Michael Rosenfeld says [79] that the differences between autonomous marriages and arranged marriages are empirically small; many people meet, date and choose to marry or cohabit with those who are similar in background, age, interests and social class they feel most similar to, screening factors most parents would have used for them anyway. Assuming the pool from which mates are screened and selected is large, Rosenfeld suggests that the differences between the two approaches to marriages are not as great as some imagine them to be. Divorce rates have climbed in the European Union and the United States with increase in autonomous marriage rates.

The global divorce rate for arranged marriages was 6. Others suggest that the low divorce rate may not reflect stability, rather it may reflect the difficulty in the divorce process and social ostracism to the individuals, who choose to live in a dysfunctional marriage rather than face the consequences of a divorce.

There is a difference in observed divorce rates between various types of arranged marriages. Various small sample surveys have been done to ascertain if arranged marriages or autonomous marriages have a more satisfying married life. The results are mixed - some state marriage satisfaction is higher in autonomous marriages, others find no significant differences. Scholars [79] [95] ask whether love and respect in marital life is greater in arranged marriages than autonomous marriages.

Epstein suggests that in many arranged marriages, love emerges over time. Neither autonomous nor arranged marriages offer any guarantees. Many arranged marriages also end up being cold and dysfunctional as well, with reports of abuse. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Marital union organized by parties other than the couple.

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Kissing Cousins. Roberts, N. Fujiki, K. Factors influencing the frequency of consanguineous marriages in Japan pages The bases of Western attitudes to consanguineous marriage.


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Touching lives': making a difference through matchmaking in an HIV clinic.

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