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This arrangement allows most normal houses to handle two phone lines very easily. Many if not most line cords that you receive when you purchase a phone to go between the wall jack and the phone only have the two center wires. To save money, the outer two are omitted. When you bring a second phone line into the house, this new line uses the yellow and black wires.

How to Connect a Home Phone to a Cable Router

If you have a two-line phone , then the phone is normally ready to accept the second line automatically on the yellow and black wires. You plug one line cord into the phone and it splits the two lines inside the phone.

Make sure that the line cord between the jack and the phone actually contains all four wires! The OBi, however, includes two additional features that may be of use to you.

First, the OBi supports 2 separate phone lines. If your home is wired for multiple phone lines and you wish to preserve that experience when you switch over to a VoIP system, the OBi allows you to hook up 2 lines to ring two separate phone systems in your home.

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What do the yellow and black wires in a home telephone jack do? | HowStuffWorks

If you plug the OBi box in between your modem and router, the OBi will automatically prioritize all VoIP traffic before any other internet traffic to ensure optimum call quality. One of the few drawbacks of using a many VoIP services, including Google Voice, is that they do not include traditional emergency number e.

If retaining traditional access to your local service is critical or you want to keep a barebones line for use with a security system then opting for a the OBi or OBi with the USB adapter or the older OBi which includes an extra built in RJ45 jack for this purpose is necessary. Should that change in the future, you can easily change your OBi device to use a more economical VoIP provider.

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Google Voice does not currently support E calls. If you are not retaining a barebones land line for use with emergency calling services, and wish to keep access to , you will need to add in secondary VoIP provider with E support. Once we have finished setting up your OBi device with Google Voice, we will show you how to add in E support.

Whether you plug the device in right next to your router, into a network jack elsewhere in the house, or on the other side of a network switch on your network, is largely irrelevant. Place the Obi device in the most convenient location that permits you to patch it into your home data network and home telephone network. In our case, the most convenient location was in the basement within easy access of our network router, a phone jack, and a power outlet.

Three steps: Instant home phone line

You do not have to plug the Obi device into the point-of-entry for the phone line; you can plug it into any phone jack in your home to connect it to your home phone network. Fortunately, signing up for Google Voice is dead simple. First head over to voice.

Single-Line Connectivity

If you wish to keep your Google Voice account separate from your primary Google account e. Otherwise, feel free to log in using your primary account.

When you head to voice. You will receive a phone call from Google Voice at that number; enter the two digit confirmation code when prompted.

VTech Cordless Phone System - DECT 6.0 - Great Inexpensive Cordless System

You can either enter an area, city name, or zip code to search for a local number or enter a word, phrase, or number string if you want a number with your name in it like JOHN or the like. After acquiring your Google Voice number or successfully porting an older number into the system , you will need to make at least one Google Voice call from within the Google Voice web interface to fully activate the service.

Creating your CenturyLink ID

POTS - the old way 3. POTS network interface 6. POTS phone jack 7. VoIP phone jack 8.

The VoIP solution 9. An ounce of prevention. Ringer Equivalence Number Color coding standards Safest VoIP solution Phone line polarity The cost of 'always on' VoIP - Phone service the new way. Connecting to a newer phone company's network directly via the Internet instead of by dedicated copper wire , providing you with a device which provides phone service a dial tone.