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New to me old Sako

I also have a L in. My favorite Whitetail gun being lightweight and a joy to pack, not to mention accurate. Hope the above helps. June 16, , The only difference in my Daughter's and your is the design on the floorplate and trigger guard.

The wood on her's is perhaps somewhat blonder, but that could just be the lighting in the photo. All of the ones I've seen are a very nice light wood hue. D-Rock on June 16, , All this stimulated my curiosity so I looked at my Daughter's serial number and mine, as it's been awhile since I dated them. Here's a couple photos of a early L Wacenturion on June 16, , Here is an old photo of the original owner of the rifle.

This was taken before he bought the gun in the mid 's near Glacier.

Dating henry rifles

I'm not sure what aunty is holding in this picture. TheSkyBuster on June 16, , I might even take it deer hunting this year. And that's why I'm done with PTG Blue Mountains by Bango skank [ Today at Jester aka Smart Ass Re: I have never had a Sako rilfe yet that needed anything more than a good cleaning and the right load.

I handloaded for the group above, it measured. Take your rilfe out for a try before you have your smith do any thing you may be sorry for later Happy shooting and Welcome to the Forums! I have to agree with your comments on keeping things as original as possible.


production date and history

I will take it out on the weekend and report back. Just one concern is that i am unable to slide the proverbial dollar between the first inch of the stock and barrel. My previous experience is that this would affect accuracy.

Any advice, short of a little light sanding of the stock. And guys if a hunt in Africa is a wish all you need to do is send me your arrival date, i will sort the rest and not at outfitters prices. AU New South Wales.

L , Apr 7, You should not float the barrel Best case scenario is that it will shoot to MOA without having to cut on the stock. If the stock is a fine original I would invest in a aftermarket stock before I cut on that one, any removal of wood will bring down the resale value. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Share This Page Tweet.

Date Of Manufacture

The L has been very popular in Finland and Sweden, especially chambered for the. In , Sako launched a longer action, the L57, subsequently renamed L "Forester". This is a "medium action" intended for the. In , Sako introduced the L61R "Finnbear" for long cartridges like the. Between and , Sako produced a lever-action gun, the Sako Finnwolf, in.

Sako has also produced a number of rimfire rifles, among them are the P72 Finnscout, the M78,the Finnfire and the Quad. The M78 was also chambered for the. The bolt was given a slight cosmetic makeover, with the hammer covered by a conical shell.

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The L could be delivered with detachable magazine although the default was a hinged floorplate. From to a version of the short Vixen action was produced for the.

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These actions are the same external dimensions, and have the same bolt diameter as the Remington, Rem. Only the bolt face recess was enlarged to suit the PPC case.